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Ever wonder how our Superclear Epoxy Coasters have such stunning colors?


Introducing Black Diamond Pigments - a mulitpurpose additive for arts and crafts projects. This pigment can be used in Coatings and Paints such as Epoxy, Automotive Surface Paints, Interior and Exterior Paints,  and Metal Coatings and Powders. It can also be applied in Graphic Arts projects such as Screen Inks, Offset Inks and Flexographic Inks. 


You will love finding your perfect color among the most vivid, brilliant array of colors that Black Diamond Pigments offers. Products sold based on weight - 4 oz. See our TicTok channel for more information on how to apply directly into Superclear Epoxy. 


(P.S. - I am not a professional photographer and after two major photo shoots of all the colors on a pure black ground and pure in-the-sunshine white background, the color of this pigment still wasn't greeny enough. So I took more photos until I was satisfied that the color represented is true to the actual pigment color. So, its not perfect, but it is accurate. :) Thanks for not judging. - Mary, the woodworker's wife. )

Bora Bora Blue

SKU: 1207
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