Sider's Woodcrafting prides itself on creating stunning Works of Art which boast high quality and high functionality - and what better function than to open a cold one after a long day?

Our Magnetic Wall Bottle Opener is a perfect example of a product that meets our standards - beautifully designed and ready to be used. It's also oddly satisfying to watch the bottle cap catch the hidden magnet. Makes you want to do it again!

We know you will love the beauty of the woods in this product as well. We always choose our woods carefully to ensure safety and sustainability - and every color in the wood is naturally radiant. No dyes or stains were used to get the array of colors that you see. So enjoy your functional work of art!

This product has Ash, Cherry, Leopardwood, Curly Maple, Padauk, Purple Heart, Wenge, and Zebrano. 12" x 6"

Magnetic Wall Bottle Opener

SKU: 2313