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Small Business Owner - My American Dream

Most everyone has their own version of the great "American Dream."

This is mine - to use my own creative freedom inspired by the natural beauty and hisory of the wood to make funtional and stunning pieces of art. 

I started this business using a table saw, belt sander, and an old camper as my workshop. The business is named after my grandfather, Bruce Sider, who was a woodworker as well. Most of what I've learned about woodworking actually came from watching Youtube videos and the help and guidance from a few incredible friends.

Like everyone else, life has thrown us some curveballs. Our Camper-Workshop burnt down in February 2020, followed by the Covid Shut-Down in March 2020. We've spent the last 18 months rebuilding and fighting to keep our dream alive. Thank you to all our customers, near and far, who have made our dream possible.

If you are new to my website, then welcome.

If you are a returning customer, then welcome back!


"Our artisan cutting boards are true works of art that you’ll adore in your home for years to come."

Bruce Graybill, Owner/Woodcrafter


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