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At Sider's Woodcrafting, we pledge to value the natural beauty of the wood and to reduce our waste as much possible. Well, that has led to buckets and buckets of cut-offs - and we hope you can find more creative ways to use this collection of tidbits. 

Each box will contain varied shapes, sized and collections of species of wood - all of the woods we use: Ash, Canary Wood, Cherry, Jatoba, Leopardwood, Maple, Curly Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, Padauk, Purple Heart, Walnut, Wenge, Yellow Heart, and Zebrano. Remember to check out our Wood Info: Types and Origin for our picture dictionary showing the name of each type of wood.

Box size: 11 x 8 x 6    Weight: approx. 6-7 pounds of wood!   Shipping Cost Included.

Medium Box of Scraps

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