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Can Hard Work Really Make Your Dreams Come True?


Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a busy guy. I work fulltime in retail, and I also work a few shifts a week as a police officer. My wife and I own two apartment buildings, so I oversee and maintain them, and that’s a lot of snow to plow here in Maine. So that definitely sounds like enough to keep my busy, right? Except that’s not the dream.

I discovered this dream soon after my wife and I had our first baby girl. What started as a project to make cutting boards for Christmas presents has turned into a true passion, (my wife is whispering “full-blown obsession” in the background), and she may be right but it’s how I operate.

Once I discovered the joy of creating using beautiful pieces of domestic and exotic woods, I just couldn’t stop dreaming about what I could create next. So I educated myself by reading magazine articles, talking with other woodworkers, and watching every Youtube video I could find on the subject. I’ve learned how to cut, plane, glue, and craft wood into breathtaking and useful household items like cutting boards, clocks, and rolling pins. All day long at my regular job, I itch to get out into my workshop and create (although that itch could just be from all the sawdust…)

So I dream. And I dream. And I can’t stop dreaming of turning this passion into my full time employment.

But that left the question, "How do you start a business when you are already working three jobs to provide for your stay-at-home wife and two kids?"

So here we go. I am stepping out and starting my own woodworking business. With my wife as my business partner, we have decided to venture out together and commit our time, energy, and passion toward making this dream come true. The dream of doing what you love full time. The dream of being your own boss and controlling the direction of your day. The dream at being successful and providing for your family.

This blog is a piece of that journey. We wanted to share our growing knowledge about wood and wooden products, our experiences about starting a business, and capture what it takes to make your dream come true.

To our friends that have cheered us on and shared their knowledge and advice, we are so grateful. To our family that has always supported us, sacrificing again and again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To our customers who have appreciated our products and recognized the passion we pour into our growing small business, you own a piece of our story.

And to you our readers - Welcome! We are glad you are following us on this journey because we share this same American dream - the dream to use your skills and hard work to fuel your passion and secure your future. So “like” us, “share” us, and read along as we start climbing this mountain to reach our dream.

~ Bruce and Mary Graybill

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